Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nude Nail FAIL!

Happy Tuesday! I've got a nail fail to share (well, more of an idea fail) because we can all learn from each others mistakes. I definitely learn-by-burn :)

Basically, my idea was to create my own custom nude polish using an old face powder that matches my skin tone. Late last year I found a tutorial on how to create custom nail polish by funneling eyeshadow into a clear bottle of top coat. I thought it would be smart to use that same idea but with face powder to create that "mannequin hand" look, instead of trial-and-error shopping around spending money on different shades of nude.

nude nail fail

So, I dug out a powder that I don't use but still matched my skin and a funnel. I poured out a little bit of the clear polish to make room for the powder, placed the funnel on the bottle, and scraped some powder into the funnel using an orange stick. Then, I added two ball bearings and my favorite part: shake, shake, shake! 

nude nail fail 2

Here is the result. I'm sad to report it got WAY darker when it mixed together. 

nude nail fail 3

The contrast is even more apparent in person. I painted a swatch on a nail wheel just to compare to my skin. I did try to salvage my attempt by adding some white eyeshadow, but it made no difference, just added subtle shimmer. 

nude nail fail 4nude nail fail 5

nude nail fail 6
Nail wheel swatch against my arm.

So, there you have it. I think the color is pretty still, just not what I was trying to accomplish! 

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