Thursday, May 9, 2013

My First Successful Gradient!

Hey ya'll, I am excited to share my first successful attempt at gradient nails! Since the day I discovered gradients and ombre nails I have been in love. Upon youtubing countless tutorials I became overwhelmed and only admired others from afar. I would practice on a nail or two between manis, but they always fell short.

bottle shot for crush on tin gradient

The past three days I have been sporting Crush On Tin by Hard Candy, and every time I glanced down at my nails I would catch myself tilting them in the light to appear like a gradient. Once I started getting tip-wear, instead of removing the polish, I decided to embellish it by attempting yet another gradient look. The black is Black Creme, and the gold is Oy-Another Polish Joke!

crush on tin hard candy gradient

I really love them! If I had one critique, it would be that I learned exactly why you should always use the lightest color for the base. I think it would have been even more stunning if I had started with the gold instead of the middle color that inspired it all. I am just nit-picking now though, I still finally achieved a look that I have been practicing for months!

crush on tin hard candy gradient 2

Also, I am LOVING my lightbox! It was a fun lil' craft, ( tutorial here) and now I think my photos look so much more professional. I actually grabbed my newly crafted lightbox and my camera, and went on an adventure all through my house to find the perfect lighting :) The laundry room seemed promising, but the fluorescent lights were SO not flattering. After a few more rooms, I ended up at the kitchen table with lights on, next to open windows.

crush on tin hard candy gradient 3

I am even sporting the look on both hands! I was going to take this off today because I have lots of ideas brewing, but I figured I could enjoy for a few more hours!

crush on tin hard candy gradient 4

TGIF!! Thanks for stopping by! 

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