Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Put on your war paint!

As I said in my last post, I really wanted to do some nail art inspired by the new Fall Out Boy logo:

Fall Out Boy new logo

I thought it was a good choice for my first real nail art attempt because it is supposed to look like war paint, which is a pretty forgiving design. And also the band inspired my blog name. 

War Paint Nails Tape Mani

So on my pinky through pointer I painted the whole nail with OPI My Vampire Is Buff. I let that dry for a whole day because your polish needs to be COMPLETELY dry before putting tape on it, and also it's just so darn pretty. The next day, I taped off half my nail with regular scotch tape and added a coat of China Glaze For Audrey.

My thumb is my accent nail; my biggest canvas ;) "Put on your war paint!" is chanted throughout The Phoenix, a track off FOB's newest album Save Rock and Roll. As soon as I heard it, I new exactly what my war paint was: nail polish!

War Paint Nails Tape Mani 2

I actually write left-handed but for some reason I do everything else (use scissors, grab doorknobs, text, etc.) with my right hand. Therefore, my right hand's nails take a daily beating and I usually use my left hand for swatching. (Story of my life, nothing's simple right?) My right thumb stars in this photo because I used my good hand to paint it. I have started to wonder if I should have been right handed all along! (because my handwriting is not pretty lol) hmm...

War Paint Nails Tape Mani 3

Since this was my first time taping, it wasn't perfect, so I grabbed my silver It's So Easy! Stripe Rite striper and brushed short wisps over each "seam" to camouflage. I am actually quite pleased with it. On my left hand I alternated which side I taped off for another cool effect. I really like these colors together!

War Paint Nails Tape Mani 4

I am not sure who originally came up with this design for these nails but I personally was inspired by Polish and Pearls, and she made a video tutorial you can check out if you're interested! Thanks for reading! Please post if you create (or find) Fall Out Boy nail art! Have a wonderful day, Light 'em Up!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dot triangle + my first color changer

Hey y'all today I've got some new manis and finally using a normal camera instead of my phone! The first is some nail art inspired by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails and you find find the specific post I'm talking about here
Dot Triangle Pink and Blue

She said her nails reminded her of billiards so I guess mine can be bowling pins ;) The pink is OPI Pink Friday and the blue on my accent nail is OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. I topped my base colors with Mash's Matte top coat before adding the dots in an attempt to achieve a contrast. I have never used a dotting tool before but it was pretty easy. There are two more shots below but they were taken with my phone (sorry.) 
Dot Triangle Pink and Blue 2

Dot Triangle Pink and Blue 3

Okay, next I recently purchased a color changer from Pretty & Polished and this color is Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit! This polish makes me so happy I cant wait to buy more :) It is white when warm and salmon-y pink when cold.

Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit Pretty and Polished

Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit Pretty and Polished cold

Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit Pretty and Polished warm

Has everyone gotten their copies of Save Rock And Roll yet? FOB totally dominated the iTunes homepage *squeeee* They have a new logo i really want to recreate in the near future, you can see it here!

Fall Out Boy on iTunes

Okay my eyes are starting to hurt, I misplaced my glasses like 2 days ago so I can't stare at a computer screen for long periods of time. Y'all have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello Polish Addicts :)

Hey! My name is Sarah, I am 23 years old and live in Austin, TX. So I finally decided I'm brave enough to start my own nail art blog. It has taken several months to muster up the courage but you gotta start somewhere. I suppose first I should address my blog name, I adore the band Fall Out Boy and have for many years so thats where FallOutNails came from and I hope I bring the name glory in posts to come! (and in case you haven't heard they have a new album you can listen to now on their website :D )

This first post will be a little wordier than future posts but hey, you just met me! Now I have pics, of course, to share...first is a collage of my very first nail art attempts! Chronologically it starts in the upper left hand corner and goes counter clockwise. Sorry if thats confusing, it just seemed to fit the frames best in my opinion. Oh and I used piZap to create it.

This collage shows my transition from the acrylic nails I had for over a year to all can see a ridge from growth in my thumb on my very first natural nail mani (bottom right). Just comment if you want to know polish names, I think the upper right glitter may draw some attention so that one is LacquerheadPolish's Save The Bows. I think using a matte top coat brought it to a whole new level of awesome. Also, no way my first attempt was free-handed, I used stencils I found at a drugstore.

Next up is my most recent attempt just so you can see I have indeed been hard at work. I first started in September of 2012 and this photo was taken last week. The white base color is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, the red is OPI My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours, the green is OPI Did It On 'Em, the blue is OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, and the purple is Ulta Plum Perfect.

I cannot take credit for this design, I found it on a blog I adore and check daily: Chalkboard Nails I also follow her on Instagram. She was inspired by the original creator of this look, Mr. Candiipants. Thank you to both of you, this look was super easy and you only need the bottle brushes to do it!

I apologize all of the pictures in this post have been taken with my iPhone camera, BUT I promise in the future I will start taking photos with my actual camera. The next picture is my manicure from the OPI Oz Collection, I started with Don't Burst My Bubble and then added Which is Which? to my pointer and middle fingers. Although the picture is quite blurry, it does show how sparkly the polish is! 

Okay next we have a picture of the LONGEST my nails have ever been. I use Nailtiques formula 2 under every mani, and by itself in between manis. It's what my grandmother uses and she has always had beautiful nails. I also moisturize my cuticles every night with Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream. 

The next photo is my first stamping attempt lol! I definitely need practice with this. The plate I used if you're curious is from GALS, plate GA30. I used Konad's black special polish over a regular base coat.

Whew! I hope this was a successful "welcome post" if you will, and I am ecstatic to FINALLY be a part of the nail blogging community! AHH! You can follow me on Instagram here. It is my personal account for now (which honestly is mostly nails) but most likely I will make a separate account exclusively for nail art :)