Friday, September 20, 2013

Bright + Graphite Skittle Nail Art

Hey y'all! Whenever I am lacking inspiration for nail art, I tend to grab colors that will compliment a glitter polish. Today's post was inspired by Lacquerhead Polish Save The Bows


I have had OPI Number One Nemesis (graphite), in my stash for a while and wanted to finally do some nail art with it. The other colors I grabbed were OPI Did It On 'Em (lime), Ulta Son Of A Gun (orange), Sinful Colors Savage (blue).


On my pinky I started with Chanel Black Satin. I dotted white dots first with a dotting tool and  OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Then I dotted on top of the white with colored dots so they would stand out against the black.

My ring finger is a gradient of the lime, orange, and blue colors listed above and two small black accent rhinestones.

For my middle finger, I just used the polish brush from the bottle to paint thick stripes of color and placed a few random pieces of striping tape. After covering the whole nail with Number One Nemesis, I peeled back the tape and was left with a cool laser look.


My pointer is the glitter that inspired the color palate over two coats of Chanel Black Satin

On my thumb I started with NON . Then, I thought it would look cool matted with some shiny stripes, so I attempted that with some striping tape... it was a fail! The contrast between the matte and gloss was not evident enough and looked wonky. However, when I went back over it with topcoat, it made a pretty cool effect! I added some colored rhinestones to tie in the look.


I love getting inspired by glitter polishes because they force me to broaden my horizon and use colors that I may not have been drawn to initially.

I'm pretty happy with how this came out, it was simple and fun to do! Do you ever have a tough time reaching for certain colors? Have a wonderful day! ♥

All polishes purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the idea of basing a design around a glitter polish! This looks great, it's so sci-fi-y and graphic! That glitter polish looks very fun too :)

  2. ooooh!! sci-fi! :D Thank you so much! I never noticed, but the inner nerd loves you for pointing it out! And hey, you can't go wrong with the surefire bet of glitter right? haha!

  3. Hi Sarah! :D Thanks for commenting my blog! :D Your nails are gorgeous and I really liked your skittle! My favorite finger was your ring finger, I'm such a fan of any nail art with black opaque rhienstones.. :D

  4. Haha.. stop restraining your self, they're so awesome! :D

  5. Really nice mix n' match manicure.
    Lovely colours. Congrats.
    Can you check my blog?