Monday, June 24, 2013

Enchanted Zebras! (Concert Nails)

I am beyond excited to share that I recently got to see my favorite band (yep, you already know) Fall Out Boy a couple of weeks ago! I wanted to go all out with some crazy FOB nail art, but my sister drove from out of town to join me and I wanted to spend time with her! So I went with a combo that was rocker + girly. Behold Enchanted Zebras by Starrily.


Its so sparkly! I jumped on the Black + White glitter obsession bandwagon long ago so this polish was a must have for me! I layered two coats of Enchanted Zebras over 3 thin coats of OPI A Definite Moust Have. I store most of my glitter polishes upside down in my helmer, and by doing so no fishing for glitter was required.


I just want to mention as far as darker pinks go, this is a favorite for me. I am considering a backup bottle.


Of course I had to take some outdoor pics to capture all the sparkle!



What do you think? Were my nails rocker enough? Whats that, you want bonus concert pics? If you insist... 

I captured Andy through the tree :)
And Andy again drumsticks in the air!
Okay thats enough, ya'll have a lovely Monday!

Disclaimer: All polishes were purchased by me, all opinions are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Fall Out Boy. 

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